Combine low competition keywords and Medium’s high Domain Score to get to Page One of Google Results

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To give you the best information quickly, let’s start with the top takeaways from my experience in maximizing my organic search traffic. Screenshots of stats and articles, plus details about the process, will come afterwards.

  • It matters 😃
  • Medium has a high DS (Domain Score), meaning it is a great platform for ranking well in Google results
  • Use a tool like Ubersuggest to identify low competition keywords in your niche. Don’t target broad topics, instead target specifically searched phrases
  • After identifying a target phrase, check if there are other Medium articles that return as results for that phrase. …

There’s still room for Web APIs

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A primary goal of modern libraries like React and frameworks like Angular is to abstract away from the DOM. However, sometimes there is still a need for manipulating elements directly. When this is required, querySelector and querySelectorAll are likely the right tools for the job.

The Selectors API was released in 2013. It is a Web API, not actually part of the JavaScript language, even though the syntax looks like JavaScript.

document.querySelector() accepts a string which it uses as a CSS selector for selecting elements in the DOM. The first element that matches is returned. document.querySelectorAll()

My Spoke-And-Wheel Business Model Inspired By James Altucher

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Back in April I started getting worried. The world was turning upside down for most people, significant (and apparently not temporary) layoffs were happening across the U.S., and even those of us fortunate enough to be able to work from home were not safe.

On top of this, my year-to-year contract had recently turned month-to-month. Nothing says doom approaches like contracts going monthly. I did the prudent thing: I turned to building my development portfolio.

I had long had an interest in starting a dev blog simply to improve my skillset. I had also heard from friends, podcasts, and everywhere…

Comparing two ways to set borders on CSS Grid

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CSS Grid is a powerful layout system that makes advanced layouts relatively easy. CSS Grid also has a unique way to create “internal borders” on individual cells within the grid.

I made a simple layout for the purpose of comparing CSS Grid internal borders with CSS Grid external borders. Same layout, same visual result, and yet the internal borders feel so much more elegant!

I used Material-UI and React for this example, but it could be done with vanilla JS. CodeSandbox is here.

These questions will expand your knowledge and grow your understanding of TypeScript.

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interface Vehicle {
countWheels(this: Vehicle): () => number;

It requires countWheels to be called by an object of type Vehicle.

interface Window {
name: string;
interface Window {
app: string;

True. Window now has both name and app.

Simply define exact string values that the object or variable can have assigned to it. For example:

let stringOptions: ‘optOne’ | ‘optTwo’;

When used as a return type it means there is no return. When used as a variable type, the code compiles but it’s not useful.

Generics retain information. For example, if a string is passed as the…

Plus other actionable steps to take control and secure a new job.

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In the best of times, tucked somewhere in the back of our minds, we all have a quiet fear of losing our jobs. During the current uncertainty and with stories of layoffs in the news, I have been considering the question: What do I do if I get laid off?

In fact, my current position has significant uncertainty. We have gone from yearly contracts to monthly contracts. It would be foolish of me to ignore these warning signs.

This story is my research on what should be in developers’ portfolios, what developers should do to create opportunities via an online…

Assets can be created, not just purchased

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If you are a software developer (anyone, really), you are in the position of being able to create cash flow producing assets. Most people think only of purchased assets like stocks, bonds, and real estate, but there are so many more opportunities available.

Consider this: it would take $10,000 invested in a dividend stock that yields 3.65% (a pretty typical yield) in order to produce $1.00 per day of cash flow. For so many people, $10,000 is out of reach or at least might take multiple years of saving. And that’s simply to get to $1 a day!

So how…

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I scoured the internet for as many free resources as I could find about the Docker Certified Associate exam and have collected them here. I believe that with the below resources, time, and effort, you will have a good shot at passing the exam.

The list…


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As a developer, you have received so much. Your education came from many sources, often freely given. As you grow in your career and expand your knowledge base, consider taking a formal position that allows you to share that knowledge.

I’ll discuss the benefits from my perspective of previously teaching a JavaScript boot camp and currently being an adjunct instructor at a local community college (I teach while being a full-time software developer). As a teacher, I:

  • Internalized the fundamentals.
  • Gained empathy for new devs.
  • Was exposed to others outside my usual socio-economic circles.
  • Strengthened my local community.
  • Nurtured a…

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A quick search of returned over 30,000 results for DevOps, and the top salary was well over $300,000…and this is while we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

Docker is an essential part of devops for many companies. A foot in the door at ground level can lead to a high-rise career. And passing the Docker Certified Associate Exam can help get that foot in the door.

Here are 55 questions, the length of one test. ONE NOTE: These questions are completely Kubernetes focused. Why? …

Jon Middaugh

I have been: individual contributor | tech lead | manager | JS boot camp teacher | community college instructor.

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