Combine low competition keywords and Medium’s high Domain Score to get to Page One of Google Results

To give you the best information quickly, let’s start with the top takeaways from my experience in maximizing my organic search traffic. Screenshots of stats and articles, plus details about the process, will come afterwards.

Key Takeaways for Your Keyword Research:

  • It matters 😃
  • Medium has a high DS (Domain Score), meaning it is a great…

There’s still room for Web APIs

A primary goal of modern libraries like React and frameworks like Angular is to abstract away from the DOM. However, sometimes there is still a need for manipulating elements directly. When this is required, querySelector and querySelectorAll are likely the right tools for the job.

The Selectors API was released…

My Spoke-And-Wheel Business Model Inspired By James Altucher

Back in April I started getting worried. The world was turning upside down for most people, significant (and apparently not temporary) layoffs were happening across the U.S., and even those of us fortunate enough to be able to work from home were not safe.

On top of this, my year-to-year…

These questions will expand your knowledge and grow your understanding of TypeScript.

1. What does the typing on countWheels below require?

interface Vehicle {
countWheels(this: Vehicle): () => number;


It requires countWheels to be called by an object of type Vehicle.

2. True or False? The below is valid.

interface Window {
name: string;
interface Window {
app: string;


True. Window now has both name and app.

3. How do you limit the values a string can be assigned to?


Simply define exact string values that the object or…

Jon Middaugh

I have been: individual contributor | tech lead | manager | JS boot camp teacher | community college instructor.

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